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Why has Sexual Abuse in the Church Become an Epidemic?

sisterssetfree | October 05, 2010 11:20

Sexual abuse in the church, is at an all time high. So called men and woman of God have no qualms about sexually abusing children. We know these abominations have been going on for a long time. God has warned us that false prophets as wolves in sheep clothing will enter churches. A warning is given to the church in Acts 20:29. Let's take a look at this very important scripture given by Paul, the apostle:

Acts 20:29 For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.

Since the word of God is truth, why have we not been watchful? Why would we believe that everyone who says they love God is true. Some of us have been so foolish, allowing Christian leaders, and pastors to trick us into believing they are exempt from correction. Surely we have been like blind sheep following blind and abominable shepherds.

Do we really need a scripture that will convince us that not every pastor or minister is a true follower of Christ. What we need is common sense. Often when we choose a church, we jump right in. We don't check the statement of faith. We don't first listen to teachings before we join. We don't check the churches financial status. We don't look to see what  they do in the community. When shall we learn. All this is common sense.

God has already warned us that there are leaders who wear sheeps clothing. This is a warning that we are to check every spirit. We are satisfied to sit under someone and let them tell us what to do. We are satisfied to sit under someone and let them tell us what the bible says. We are lazy to study the word so that we might hear God's voice. We are lazy and often spend only 15 to 20 minutes a day in scripture study. No wonder the wool is being pulled over our eyes. No wonder children are being sexually abused in the church. While we sit singing songs to Jesus our children are molested. So many children have been damaged by the church. You see the numbers and you know what I'm talking about.

Will we sit there and let this go on? Is this the type of people we are. To sit back idly as these abominations take place. Who is that will protect our children. We leave them in the care of the church and don't check to see if background checks have been done on church workers. We dump children off in care of the church and go about our business. We can't continue to do this. We have to use the commen sense God gave us.

The church is the perfect place for a child molesters. The child molesters know that Cristians are often trusting and off guard. The child molesting leaders know they can get away with what they do. These wolves know that we will tret them like God. These wolves know that we shall trust them with our children. When will we rise up and eat the meat of the word. When will we stop letting ministers tell us what God is saying?  When will we study the word of God for ourselves? When will we stop being fools and become wise?

We have to learn to disern our leaders. We must learn to hear the voice of God. We must learn to use common sense .Common sense  should tell you that if you want God's leading you must study his word. Why do we resist knowing God for ourselves. Why are we lazy? We are lazy and prefer the minister to give us a word and a prayer.

Some would ask why I, a woman would speak in such a manner. If I don't speak who will speak for our children? Are you standing up for the children who are being molested in churches? Are you trying to defend them.? Are you concerned about them? Where are the ministries that will help them heal? Where are the men and women in Christ, who are not afraid to speak up? Please tell me where they are? Are you not your brothers keeper? Are you not your childrens keeper?

How long will we throw our children to the wolves? When we will stop fearing our leaders? When will we stop beng afraid to correct them? What are we afraid of? If we are afraid to correct leaders who sexually abuse children, may God have mercy on us. We shall be called into account.

We shall be called into account for what did Jesus say in defense of children? What did Jesus say about those who abuse God's little children? Let's go to Mark 9: 42 for the answer:

Mark 9:42 And whoever shall offend one of these little ones, that believe in me, it is better that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.

What have we become? What has the church become?  Where are the men in Christ who are to protect women and children? What has happened to the to mothers of children who've been abused in churches? Where is their voice? What will they do to stop these abominations? What shall become of the many thousands of chrildren who have been raped in churches? Where will they go to heal? How shall they be helped? Who will help them?

We must stand up for our children and we must stop sexual abuse in the church. We must stand up or we shall be held into account. Any Christian leader, that believes that sexual abuse of children is a minor infraction that should be ignored, is in cahoots with the devil. Quiet as it's kept, the devil has taken up office in the church.



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